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The Brittany Foundation

P.O. Box 738
Acton, CA 93510-0738
Phone (661) 713-5240
Fax (661) 554-0220
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Current Events

Memorial Event and Chili Cookoff!

Memorial Event and Chili Cookoff!

Please join us at our annual Memorial Event and Chili Cookoff at The Brittany Foundation Sanctuary on Saturday, May 14!  Our mystery chefs will be competing for Best Chili,...

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Brittany Foundation's Famous Bake Sale!

Brittany Foundation's Famous Bake Sale!

On the 4th Sunday of each month, a team of volunteers dedicates their day to selling homemade baked goods, made with love in the kitchens of The Brittany Bakers, to...

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Our Mission

  • We rescue, rehabilitate, and provide safe shelter for homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs.
  • We focus our rescue efforts on dogs who have a more difficult time being adopted: older dogs, handicapped dogs, and dogs deemed "unpopular," such as pit bulls.  Our population includes puppy mill and foreclosure victims.
  • We educate the public on responsible dog ownership through educational materials, discussions and training.
  • We assist people with training, sterilization and other issues in order to help them keep their dog, instead of giving it up.
  • We are a volunteer-only charity.  Every dollar received by the Foundation goes directly to the care of the dogs.

Our Results

  • We are a no-kill animal rescue and sanctuary.
  • As a result of our rescue efforts, we have decreased the number of dogs killed in local shelters, thus alleviating the financial burden on shelters and taxpayers.
  • Since 1994 we have placed an average of 100 dogs per year into new loving homes.
  • We purchased property in 2000 to create a sanctuary where we increased the number of dogs rescued by 70%.


Even if you can't adopt, our dogs could still use your support. It's easy! Just click on the PayPal button below. Thank you.

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We need labor for construction, landscape maintenance, providing socialization and care for the dogs in their kennels, staffing events and administrative tasks. We are a working ranch that always has projects which require help, for example with brush clearance during fire season.

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